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Sound Level Noise Meter - Decibel Measurement 30-130dB

Sound Level Noise Meter - Decibel Measurement 30-130dB

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Sound level meter with a decibel measurement of 30-130dB

Test how loud your speakers are, how about your mower, or the neighbours mower? That party up the road? Health and safety issues in the workplace too?

Comes boxed & with instructions.

1) Measurement range : 30~130dB.
2) Frequency weighting : 'A' weighting
3) Maximum and Minimum value hold function.
4) Data Hold function.
5) Red back light alarm and sound alarm.


Brand name: Smart Sensor
Display: LCD display  
Measuring range: 30-130dBA
Accuracy: ±1.5dB  
Frequency range: 31.5Hz-8.5KHz  
Sampling rate: 2 times/second
Data hold: Maximum and Minimum hold  
Digital display: 4 digital Resolution  0.1dB  
Temperature measurement range:  -10°C-50°C(14°F-122°F)
Temperature accuracy: ±2°C  
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Microphone: 1/2 inch Electret Condenser Microphone  
Power supply: AAA size battery*3pcs
Item size: 152*52*27cm  
Item weight: 81g
Package size: 195*75*4cm  
Package weight: 130g

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