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6pcs Soldering Aid Tool Set - PCB Cleaning Kit

6pcs Soldering Aid Tool Set - PCB Cleaning Kit

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6pcs De-soldering Aid Tool Kit
– Soldering Aid Assist Tools
– PCB Cleaner Repair Weld

Soldering Aid Kit, Cleaning & Soldering Tools, 180mm,
6 Pieces

Product Overview

A useful soldering aid kit that contains tools designed to assist the user in performing a variety of soldering and cleaning jobs on circuit boards.

Brush for cleaning connections before soldering

Scraper for removing flux residue and surplus solder

Knife for cutting PCB tracks

Hook for component and lead extraction

Fork fits wire up to 22swg and used for wrapping and unwrapping etc.

Spike for cleaning and marking

Body length: 75mm

Overall length: 180mm

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