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Air Quality Tester - Formaldehyde HCOH & Volatile Organic Compounds TVOC

Air Quality Tester - Formaldehyde HCOH & Volatile Organic Compounds TVOC

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Air Quality Tester - HCOH Formaldehyde, TVOC Volatile Organic Compounds

Product Name: Air Quality Tester
Product weight: 300 grams
Measuring range: 0.000~2.888mg/m3 (formaldehyde) 0.000~9.999mg/m3 (TVOC)
Measurement accuracy: 0.001
Test room, house, car, individual object.

Formaldehyde (HCOH) is a naturally occurring chemical. High levels are toxic and carcinogenic.

Also measure Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC).

To test room:

close up room with vents etc off, for 4 - 8 hours
Follow unit instructions re pre placement calibration (leave it in fresh air for up to half an hour).
Place unit in room eg on bedside table, and note readings
Place unit in different location in room eg in wardrobe or on chair and note readings.
Unit may show high variation in readings, depending on airflow and other factors. The readings can be averaged and the unusual peak readings may be ignored. Note peak readings for reference.

To test object eg carpet, curtain, floorboard, toy, packaging:

A suitable way to test an item is to isolate it inside an air sealed container.
Place test item inside a container like a storage box or sealable plastic bag, or even a carboard box. Be aware some container materials my give off chemicals themselves.

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