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Digital Wood Timber Moisture Meter

Digital Wood Timber Moisture Meter

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Digital Wood Timber etc Moisture Meter - microwave type

Smart Sensor AS971 - For measuring the moisture content of different types of wood, bamboo, paper, herbs, building materials etc

Compared with the traditional type of moisture meter, this microwave type instrument is faster and more accurate.

1. Quickly measures the moisture content of many kinds of materials.
2. Wide and precise range: Wood 2%~70% RH, Resolution: 0.5% ±(1%RH+0.5), Accuracy: ±0.5%.
3. Stick the probe into the surface of the material and the moisture value is displayed.
4. Press the MODE button to select the appropriate wood type (1, 2, 3, 4).
5. For contractors, woodworkers and homeowners.
6. Measure the environmental temperature - 2 temperature units.
7. Probe is well protected by a plastic cover.
8. Data hold function.
9. Large LCD display with switchable backlight.
10. Auto power off.

Different modes for different trees:
Type1: Rhodesia Teakwood, White Red Bean Tree, Brazilian Walnut
Type2: Walnut, Keruing, White Poplar, Teakwood
Type3: Fir, Douglas, Lauan, Manchurian, White Fir, Maple, Manchurian Ash, Balsa, Sandalwood, Elm, Yunnan melina, Hemlock, Keruing, Oak
Type4: Chinese Red Pine, Chile Pine, White Pine, Basswood, Apitong Plywood, Larch, Birch

Material:  ABS Plastic
Range:  according to different tree type to select different mode as follows: Tree type:

Type1: 2%~40%, Type2: 2%~50%, Type3: 2%~60%, Type4:   2%~70%,

Temperature: 0~40℃

Resolution: Moisture 0.5% ±(1%RH+0.5), Temperature 1℃ / 2℉
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Probe Length: 11mm / 0.43"
3 * 1.5V AAA Battery (Not Included)
Operating Environment: Temperature: 0~40℃, relative humidity: 0~70%

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