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Leaded Solder Paste

Leaded Solder Paste

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High quality leaded solder paste - 35g tub.

Leaded solder paste is a new type of solder material made of a complex system of paste, solder powder, flux, and other additives.
At normal temperature, the leased solder paste has a certain viscosity, the electronic component can be initially adhered to a predetermined position.
At the soldering temperature, the soldered component and the printed circuit pad are soldered together for a permanent connection with the evaporation of the solvent & some additives.


  • Material: Sn-Pb alloy
  • Melting Point; 183℃
  • Certification: RoHS compliant
  • Provides excellent wetting
  • Long lasting adhesion 
  • Viscosity time up to 48 hrs
  • The best configuration ingredients: Sn63/Pb37
  • Adapted for the mobile phone repair industry, computer digital service industries & high-precision circuit board soldering as well as SMT/BGA soldering processes.


Before opening, temperature of the solder paste should be raised to about (25℃), temperature return time should be 3-4 hours. DO NOT use other heaters to raise the temperature instantaneously.
After the solder paste is opened, use it within 24 hours at room temperature.
Placed in the air for a long time, the solder paste will become a tin block due to moisture absorption.
The indoor temperature should be controlled at 22-28℃, and the humidity RH30-60% is the best working environment.

Use industrial alcohol or industrial cleaner to clean up mistakes.


  • Use only with adequate Ventilation
  • Contains organic solvent
  • Avoid contact with skin. If the solder paste gets on your skin, wipe it off with alcohol and rinse thoroughly with water
  • Smoke released by the solvent during operation should to be avoided as much as possible
  • Avoid repeated breathing of vapor
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Keep away from children
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