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Projectile Muzzle Velocity Speed Tester

Projectile Muzzle Velocity Speed Tester

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Measure the speed of projectiles. Muzzle velocity. 13-37mm clamp for holding the barrel. Durable construction, small size. Screw it to a table and test your loads.

Material: Acrylic
Operating voltage: DC3.7V (built-in lithium battery)
Working environment temperature: -10° ~ +60°
Accuracy: test error is less than or equal to plus or minus 1%
Velocity measurement range: 1-500 M / S
Energy measurement range: 1-800J
Weight input range 0.1-10 G
Speed record: 40 group
Kinetic energy recording: 40 group

Features and operation:
1: Four sides open to air effectively alleviates the airflow effect of the projectile movement on the test. Improved stability and accuracy. The display surface and the operation buttons are in front, simple to operate and view the test data.
2: Small size. Length * width * height of 130 X 50 X 72 MM portable.
3: High speed precision. Gun is fixed with clamp rail, so projectile path is the same every time. With the guide rail in parallel, the measurement result error is small, with small fluctuations in dynamic error.
4: More functions. Can measure the speed, and also kinetic energy. Can record up to 40 sets of speed and kinetic energy values in 40 groups.
5: Power management and protection. The lithium battery has the function of over charging, over discharge and short circuit protection. Also, the instrument has intelligent shutdown and low power off function. Intelligent shutdown function is on by default, you can turn off this feature.
6: Simple operation. The initial speed can be tested without any settings and adjustments!

Package includes:
1 * Shooting Speed Tester
1 * U-shaped Clamp
1* USB Cable

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