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Radiation Detector Geiger Counter - Real-time Mean Cumulative - XR1

Radiation Detector Geiger Counter - Real-time Mean Cumulative - XR1

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Nuclear radiation detector Geiger counter X γ β-rays with real-time mean cumulative dose modes.

Screen is easy to read with good information & has an internal Geiger–Müller tube with sound alarm.

No batteries are included.

Real-time dose: (update once every second to quickly display the true value of each moment, characterized by large fluctuation & high consistency with sensor detection results.
The real-time value is automatically tested & displayed without operation after boot. (Unit: usv/h)

Mean dose (AVG): Records the total dose received over a period of time & converts it into the mean display, characterized by small fluctuation to check the background value of the environment and weak radiation environment. Press the M button to recalculate the mean value. (Unit: usv/h)

Cumulative dose (ACC): adds all the detected doses, & the data will not be lost after shutting down, historical data will continue to be accumulated after booting up again, & there will be a long-term cumulative sum value. You can press L button and R button simultaneously to clear cumulative value. (Unit: msv/h)


Material: ABS
Colour: black
Model: XR1
Detectable types: β, Y, X rays
Energy ranges: 20kev-3.0 Mev ≤±30%(137Cs-)
Sensitivity: 80cpm/μsv/(Co-60)
Test accuracy: 0.01μsv/h
Real-time ranges: 0-99.99μsv/h
Cumulative ranges: 0-99.999msv
Real- time error: ≤10%
Mean error: ≤3%
Power supply: 3*1.5V batteries or 1.2V rechargeable batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

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