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Soldering Iron Kit (220v - 60w)

Soldering Iron Kit (220v - 60w)

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Soldering Iron Kit Adjustable Temperature 220v 60w – Ceramic Heater – Soldering Tips – De-soldering Pump

【Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch】- The 220V 60W adjustable temperature soldering iron adopts ceramic-core induction technology, fast heat up, adjustable temperature with large venting holes.

The insulating silica gel cover effectively protects the iron from overheating or dropping.

【Upgraded One-handed Use De-soldering Pump】- Rugged metal construction, resistance to corrosion. The de-soldering pump is high pressure vacuum tube with aluminium body frame, which allows easy one-handed use. High pressure vacuum can remove solder from a printed circuit board effectively

【11-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit】- Soldering iron kit comes with soldering iron, solder wire, de-soldering pump, stand with cleaning sponge, 5 Multiple soldering tips and a carry bag.

The diameter of the electrical soldering wire is 0.8 mm, weighs 100 g, total length is about 57m.

1: Power switch button and temperature adjustment button.

2: Non-slip soft rubber handle for maximum comfort and safe soldering.

3. The iron heats up fast, so please select a suitable temperature. Working for long hours and high temperature may shorten its life.

4. Suitable for electronic engineering learners, DIY and hobbyists, small electronic work.

Soldering Iron Length: 7.0 In

Cable Length: 57.5 In

Working Voltage: 220V

Power: 60W

Package Includes
1 x Temperature Adjust Soldering Iron

1 x De-soldering Pump

5 x Soldering Iron Tips

1 x Solder Wire (50g)

1 x Yellow Sponge Pad

1 x PU Carry Bag

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