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Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Set

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Set

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Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Set - Copper Wire - Sponge - Holder

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Welding Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Copper Wire Cleaner Ball with Sponge and Holder No Water Needed


Holder tin

2 x copper wire cleaning balls

Bag of sponges

Instructions (Easy to use):
1. Insert the tip of the soldering iron into the wire in the mouth cleaner to remove the residual solder from the tip
2. Do not use the metal wire in the mouth cleaner as a sponge to brush the tip of the soldering iron, because the metal wire is shaped like a spring and may spill the molten residual solder on the soldering iron. Please use it carefully
3. When replacing the metal wire in the mouth cleaner, please wear gloves, be careful not to spill the solder, please open the box vertically

Product Features :
---Replace the traditional water-permeable sponge.
---No need to add water, to avoid cooling of the soldering iron tip, no tin beading, and improve welding efficiency.
---Effectively prevent oxidation of the soldering iron tip and increase the service life of the soldering iron tip.
---The dome top design prevents tin slag from splashing on the workbench, keeping the working environment clean.
---When the soldering iron tip is inserted into the metal, multi-point contact can be used to achieve multi-point cleaning, which effectively improves work efficiency. This product has a simple structure and significant effects. Widely used in the field of soldering iron tip cleaning.

Product Name: Soldering iron tip cleaner.
Stand material: Stainless steel.
Brush material: Copper Wire
Dimension: 70 x 66 mm(gold)/65x40mm(silver)/50x35mm(sponge)

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