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Water Quality Test Strips x 30 -v5-in-1

Water Quality Test Strips x 30 -v5-in-1

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Water Quality 5 in 1 Test Strips for drinking water, Swimming Pool and Spa, etc
pH Alkalinity ,Chlorine, Hardness, Bromine

Please Note: packaging differs from picture.

There is a colour chart supplied, but it is best to refer to the colour chart picture in this listing as well.


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"Are pool test strips accurate?
Pool test strips provide accurate readings of your pool’s chemistry. In fact, pool test strips are a more reliable method of testing your pool water than a liquid test kit. Pool test strips eliminate the risk of human error."

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Designed for testing the pH/alkalinity, residual chlorine, bromine, total chlorine
Portable and convenient, easy to use
High precision and easy operation
Water testing for swimming pools, spa pools, or any water body
Can test free chlorine, pH, total hardness

Material: Paper
Test targets: 5 in 1
Quantity: 30 STRIPS
Total Hardness: 0 ~ 100
Total Chlorine Range: 010
Free Chlorine Range: 0 ~ 10, Free Bromine Range: 022
pH Range: 6.8 ~ 8.4
Total Alkalinity: 0 ~ 240

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